Council and Business Improvement Districts 

Coordinated planning

Council and Business Improvement Districts will play a vital role in supporting the coordination and implementation of social distancing measures in cities and town centers.  In some instances the local council or BID may take a planning and management role over the ‘urban domain’ space to ensure a fair and transparent system for managing people movement in and around retail stores and other high street facilities. 

OnePlan’s collaborative planning tool enables councils and BIDs to assess space requirements, plan social distancing requirements and automate the service requirements to operate and manage social distancing measures. 

Joint Procurement

There may be an opportunity for services to be jointly procured to deliver best value.  For example, pedestrian barriers, crowd management contractors, signage and wayfinding, lighting and technology.


Apps which provide real time queuing wait times are now commonplace across the major events and stadiums world.  A similar approach could be taken across high streets areas, town centres and shopping malls to inform customers about how long queue wait times are at each store and facility.  The cost of developing such an app will be reduced when shared across multiple retails and other high street services.  

Car Parking

If all town centre or mall car parks are full it is likely that urban domain areas and store are likely to have higher demand than capacity and there will be a risk of queues forming in front of shops in the urban domain areas.  Councils and BIDs should work across key high footfall stores and facilities to understand their capacity and likely demand by day throughout the week.